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Letter from AG Paxton to Sherman ISD

On the fourth day of school, August 23, 2021, the Sherman school board called an unexpected meeting and voted 5-1 to mask Sherman Students, faculty, and visitors. 

Thursday, August 26, 2021, the Texas supreme court ruled in favor of our Attorney General Ken Paxton on school mask mandates.


September 3rd, AG Paxton sent this letter to Sherman ISD stating the school was out of compliance with the law and exceeds the district’s authority.

Further, Paxton posted on social media, "Mask mandates in our state are illegal.  And judges must abide by the law.  Further non-compliance will result in more lawsuits.” 


Yet Sherman superintendent Hicks continues to thumb his nose at the law and you.  He sent out a letter stating the lawsuit didn’t apply to Sherman ISD and the mask mandates will continue.

We have been working closely with AG Paxton’s office and have been told “This is untrue.  It applies statewide” and we have been assured Paxton will sue schools again and again! 


Sherman ISD is planning on spending YOUR taxpayer dollars defending against the state of Texas in a lawsuit they WILL NOT WIN.

Below is the letter sent to Superintendent Hicks and the Sherman ISD..


OAG correspondence (Sherman ISD)1.png
OAG correspondence (Sherman ISD)2.png
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